FAQ's & Policies



Will We Catch Fish?

This is a hard question to answer because those of you who have ever been fishing before understand that fish don’t always bite.  Sometimes we have to hunt around a bit and try to find some that are biting better than others. Your captain wants you to catch fish and will do his best to put you on them based on his experience and available data.


Will We See Whales?

Another hard question to answer because whales are not very good at checking their calendar to know you are coming.  (A joke) We will take you to places we have seen them in the past. There are also strong protections in place as to how close we can get to them and how long we can stay around them and we honor those rules to keep the whales safe and returning to our waters. Your captain wants you to see these majestic creatures and will do his best to put you on them based on his experience and available data.


What is your cancellation policy?

You must notify us at least 72 hours prior to the departure time of your charter in order to cancel this trip without a penalty. If you fail to show, all deposits and fees paid will not be refunded. You must call Coronado Fishing Club or email to coronadofishingclub@gmail.com with a cancellation request. If you email and do not receive a confirmation or a response, you need to check your spam box, because we do respond to every cancellation.  If you book a trip within the 3 day period and then want to cancel, there will be no refunds of any deposit or fees paid.


What About Weather Policies?

Weather forecasting in Panama isn't as refined as it is in other more developed countries so we rely heavily on local knowledge and real time observation. If the weather is questionable, we will be talking beforehand. We don’t depart in unsafe conditions but we do go out when it is raining and while thunderstorms are around us. We look at the direction they are moving and most of the time, navigate around them.  We go boating in choppy seas, but remember that we want you to have a good time and don’t want you to have a negative experience.  There are times when we depart in seas that are choppy (but safe) seas and after a few hours, they grow into larger seas.  That is something that is unforeseen.  If that happens, we will discuss safety with the captain and guests to determine if we will continue on or head back to the marina.  If we decide to head in, we will work to come to an agreement to make the price of the trip fair.


If it is raining the day of our trip, do we still have to show up?  YES. 

If it is raining or thunderstorms the day of your trip and you have not heard from us in advance, you are expected to show up and be ready to go.  You need to have appropriate clothing and rain gear protection because we do depart in light rain.  During the summer there is an 80% chance of rain every day but storms pass quickly and we will still be able to make our trip. We will never go out if conditions are unsafe and will contact you as early as possible if we need to cancel.


What if a passenger becomes drunk, unruly, unsafe, or offensive to other passengers? 

If the captain determines any passenger to be visibly intoxicated, creating unsafe conditions for themselves or other passengers, or is behaving in a manner that is aggressive or offensive to other passengers or crew on the boat, we will turn the boat around and head back to the marina immediately. Any guests engaging in such behavior will be responsible for compensating the boat owner for any lost income.


What if I damage the boat? 

Much like renting a home or a vacation rental, guests are financially responsible for any damage to the boat that occurs during their trip. The captain and crew will assess and discuss with guests.


What is your policy on trip cancellation due to seasickness? 

If we are out fishing and someone in your crew gets seasick or wants to go back in or cut the trip short, you are still obligated to pay the agreed amount.


What should we bring with us on the day of the trip?

We will provide plenty of bottled water, drinks and a cooler with ice for all trips. Please bring any additional beverages and food you would like. Easy-to-eat foods like sandwiches, chips, and fruit are best. We also supply fishing gear for fishing trips. If you would like to snorkel, please bring snorkel equipment with you. We have a swim ladder so bring your bathing suit if you plan to swim. Put wallets, phones, etc in a waterproof bag or ziplock and bring the minimum. When deciding to bring cameras or other expensive gear please remember you will be on a boat, on the water and there is always a risk of water damage to consider.


What should I wear?

You will be out in on the ocean and, due to weather and ocean conditions, guests sometimes get wet. Please wear clothes you don't mind getting wet, water shoes, and a rain jacket. The sun is strong out there so please wear hats and protective clothing.


Spray-on Sunscreen? No.

We do not allow spray-on or oil-based sunscreen on the boat, it leaves a film on surfaces that is both slippery (dangerous) and damaging to the materials.


Is there a bathroom on the boat?

There is a bathroom for guest use at the marina while we are at the dock and a bathroom on the boat.